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Thieves Target Gun Owners In Norfolk


Regular Member
Jun 14, 2006
Franklin, VA, Virginia, USA
Norfolk VA: Police see burglary trend: Pro-gun stickers on cars lead to guns in homes


Police warn owners of bumper stickers alleging gun ownership could be targets of thieves in Norfolk.

Norfolk police reports show a trend of home burglaries involving people with tactical or gun stickers on their cars.
Some of the the stickers promote a particular gun brand or have message promoting the right to bear arms. Police said while these stickers show pride, they also show thieves you have firearms in your home.
"I guess I'm not too surprised it's happening," gun owner Chad Hixson said. "If you're going to broadcast that you own a gun, it's almost like inviting trouble."
That is why Hixson said he wouldn't be caught putting a gun bumper sticker on his car or home.
"I think it's a little overboard," Hixson said. "It's almost like you are kind of flaunting it. It's like saying, 'Come mess with me. I dare you.' It's almost like you are asking to pick a fight with somebody."
Norfolk Crime Prevention isn't telling gun owners not to flaunt these stickers, but they are telling them to be careful, and mindful of the dangers.
They also suggest keeping your guns locked up in a secure, safe place, and keeping the model and serial numbers of all firearms.


Regular Member
Jul 1, 2008
Richmond, VA
I'm sure the officials in Norfolk would like to scare you out of your first amendment promotion of the second amendment.

I'll call their bluff and keep stickers on my car. I'm not living my life in fear of what others may or may not do. I don't an cant have control over other people's behavior. And I will not stay inside all day fearful that someone may mug me or assault me if I go outside. Nor scared to open carry because I supposedly might get shot first in a robbery. Or because I might scare people.
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Regular Member
Nov 5, 2007
Richmond, Virginia, USA

"...alleging gun ownership ..."

Alleging? They almost make it sound like some kind of crime.

How about ....

"Open Carry" = "Allegedly Armed"


Regular Member
Jul 31, 2011
North Carolina
Soooo the police are saying if you do not have pro gun bumper stickers they guarantee you won't be burglarized? That makes as much sense as the "You don't need a gun because the police protect you".