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Utah lowering legal DUI limit to 0.05%

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OC for ME

Regular Member
Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
might to argue your premise before the US SC, oh but wait...they already weighed in on the subject in Terry with their concept of officer safety nonsense!

thanks, but as i have stated numerous times...i'll stick with what is expected by the nice NC LEs ~ hands on the steering wheel, doc(s) in hand, voice recording going to hear me stating, " ...per NC statutes, I am notifying you I am armed!" "May i help you officer?" & " Oh am i free to leave officer?" last two stanzas of my mantra repeated until my vehicle is slipping back on to the highway & byways.

and statement i bolded is of grave personal concern to me...

If you are CCing, having a CHP, then comply with the law. If you are OCing, as the AG informs us, no information is required under the law. I desire to have the cop remained focused on the justification for the stop.


Jun 20, 2008
Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA
And how I wonder did this thread on a UTAH law lowering the DUI threashold to 0.05 become a focus for the minutia of NC CHP statutes?

Can we get back on topic?

Suggest others start their own thread!


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May 21, 2006
Thread drift has destroyed any sense of the OP's original point - NC was not part of that submission, but has become all at this point. Stay on topic in the future, create new separate thread(s) as needed.

Thread locked.
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