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Yet another child handcuffed and taken out of the school...cuz she formed a gun with her fingers...


Regular Member
Jul 10, 2008
Iowa, USA
14 y/o boy "detained" for attempting to leave the school office...err, I mean resisting...no, wait, I mean disrespecting a cop's authroitah!!!

Two girls in NC got body-slammed/arrested for filming a cop bust a pothead...nothing to see here...move along...move along...
Police will continue to play stupid when it comes to the question of "why don't people like us." I understand that there are still some good officers out there, but its more and more the majority simply want compliance at any cost. Obey me first, because I said so, and then after I run your name through every available database trying to dig up dirt on you, Ill get in your face and insult you and threaten you with violence because you dared question my "authority".

Its a common occurrence nowadays, sadly.