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Recent content by Whitney

  1. Whitney

    2017 Denied Firearms Transactions

    Pursuant to the passing of HB 1501 last session, RCW 36.28A was amended to include a new section 4. The new section mandates a report to the legislature regarding the number of denied firearms sales or transfers reported pursuant to the act. This report is due the legislature on or before...
  2. Whitney

    How did we ever get here. ??

    ‘We’ll never be the same’: How a hydroponic tomato garden inspired cops to raid a family’s home We spend a fair bit of time here on OCDO discussing Qualified Immunity and our rights. This case just might be a break through with regard to accountability. ~Whitney (FUQ) The raid turned up no...
  3. Whitney

    Mark Your Calendars

    RCW 7.94 Extreme Risk Protection Order Act Pursuant to the Act all law enforcement agencies must develop policies and procedures by June 1, 2017 regarding the acceptance, storage, and return of firearms required to be surrendered under this chapter. FOIA request to my County Sheriff...
  4. Whitney


    I was reading the following article about a straw purchaser being prosecuted in Chicago. Straw purchaser with 4 felony gun charges will not get jail time A Chicago-area woman arrested last year for her role in illegally selling guns to prohibited buyers, some with gang affiliations, was...
  5. Whitney

    Short Fused Public Hearing

    Passing on email notification in the event someone here can attend. ~Whitney >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GOAL Alert 2017-2 24 January 2017 Another short-fused heads-up. This was sent to me by an activist in Oly, calling on gunnies who are available to attend...
  6. Whitney

    Activism and Vigilance Sending the Message

    Washington’s next legislative session starts in January and Bob Ferguson's assault weapons ban will be on the block. I wrote this letter to the editor several weeks ago and sent it off to almost every newspaper in the state. My local paper published last week over on page 4; The slow erosion...
  7. Whitney

    Prefiled Bills in the Legislature

    Firearms bills that further rights. http://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/prefiled.aspx?year=2017 HB 1004 Protecting the constitutionally guaranteed right to the lawful possession of firearms during a state of emergency. 12/5/2016 Shea HB 1015 Prohibiting restrictions on the carrying of a...
  8. Whitney

    Bob Ferguson's Ban on Commonly Owned Semi-Autos

    I want to share an email and hopefully get some work started front loading opposition. Today I received reply from the AG office of Constituent Services regarding my FOIA request regarding the following Attorney General news release...
  9. Whitney

    Invite your legislator for Q&A

    Now that elections are over we know who our elected representative are. Have you met your elected official? I know the Holidays are coming up but wanted to throw out a suggestion for all the Sportsman's club officers to invite their elected officials for a Q&A session. This is a good way to...
  10. Whitney

    Kitsap County Brews and Issues

    (FUQ) From the local paper. This fall, the Kitsap Sun will be hosting several community conversations at breweries across the county. Voters will be casting ballots on several high-interest measures, and this presents an opportunity to learn more about each. Each conversation will last about...
  11. Whitney

    Armed and Aging

    http://www.alternet.org/civil-liberties/armed-and-aging-older-americans-own-most-guns-should-they-face-more-gun-controls I ran across this article from another board I visit. The laws suggested in the article should sound eerily familiar to some. FUQ: I snipped a few choice paragraphs...
  12. Whitney

    Is there an APP for that?

    It occurred to me today there should be a smart phone application that details problems with legislation and citizen initiated initiatives. The poorly worded law we are strapped with because of I-594 may have been avoided if more folks knew the gory details. The new citizen initiative I-1491...
  13. Whitney

    Defendants barred from entering court arrested for being late

    Ran across this on the interwebbs this afternoon. http://www.knoxnews.com/news/crime-courts/defendants-barred-from-entering-court-arrested-for-being-late-records-show-2d7ac08e-4a20-4080-e053-0-371336111.html Judge claims bailiff misunderstood the meaning of .... bar the door / bar entry...
  14. Whitney

    Patriot or Domestic Terrorist ?

    News story on the local channel tonight. http://www.kiro7.com/news/patriot-or-domestic-terrorist-the-interview-with-cliven-bundys-former-bodyguard/114679642 FUQ: Since his arrest in December, Barbeau has been behind bars at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center. "I knew this...
  15. Whitney

    Legislative Agenda

    Attached is the Firearms Agenda for this next session of the legislature. Jo Waldron puts this out consistently and you can receive updates in email if you like. If every one on the Washington board takes a few minutes to review and comment on a few of these bills it can make a huge impact on...